Location Project Date Client
Victoria Dock Portal July 2013 Barker/Vinci

Design of propped sheet pile retaining wall to facilitate new cross rail portals
Portal 160m long x 15m span x 6m deep
Design of robust barrier
Integration of design with adjacent Docklands Light Railway
Key Project Features:

Sheet pile walls within 1.6m of Docklands Light Railway
Settlement predictions for effect of DLR and services
Design of deep, wide steel sheet piled cofferdam in difficult ground conditions
Design of robust barrier to prevent damage to DLR
Design to Network Rail Standards
Design Services Provided:

Geotechnical Review
Design of propped cantilever steel sheet piled walls
Robust barrier to resist errant plant
Finite Element analysis to predict movement of adjacent DLR
Benefits, Environmental & Sustainability:

Value engineered robust barrier solution
Works designed to minimise impact on operational railway
Specification of used piles where possible to reduce carbon footprint